Seamoss Gel 280ml - Original - THE LEUKOS

Seamoss Gel 280ml - Original - THE LEUKOS

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Good vibes only. boost your body with THE LEUKOS Original Seamoss Gel.

Seamoss (chrondrus chrispus) is a natural nutritional gift found all over the world & has traditionally been used throughout the Caribbean for boosting the immune system & wellness. Seamoss is naturally rich in minerals, we as human beings have a total of 102 minerals which our body needs to function at a healthy level, Seamoss contains 92 of those minerals. Plus it is also naturally rich in iodine & protein, which makes it the perfect addition to your lifestyle.

Our Seamoss Gel is washed 3 times & then soaked overnight with only the addition of fresh lime & spring water. 

No additives or preservatives makes our Seamoss Gel 100% natural.

Seamoss Gel lasts for 7-10days  refrigerated and up to 3 months frozen.

Known Holistic Benefits: Enhances energy levels | Boosts immune system | Reduces fatigue | Boosts metabolism | Reduces joint pain | Improves Thyroid function | Helps to control appetite | Excellent nutritional benefits | Helps to reduce internal mucus | Supports mental and emotional wellbeing.

*Refrigerate upon arrival for 1 hour minimum. This product needs to be refrigerated or frozen to stay fresh. Treat like any perishable product. 

Seamoss gel will have the best results when following an alkaline plant based diet.

This product should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle & is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. This product does not replace a balanced diet.

If you are on medication/ health condition please consult your doctor before taking the capsules. Do not take if you are taking Anticoagulant medications ( Blood thinners) or if you are pregnant of breastfeeding. 

* Please note prepared in an area which also handles nuts

*Disclaimer: This information is intended as a  herbal reference for further self exploration and is not a replacement for professional health advice. 

 *This product is made in small batches *Postage on Mondays + Fridays