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Candle + Bath Salt Set gift KIKI-  THE LEUKOS
Candle + Bath Salt Set gift KIKI-  THE LEUKOS
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Candle + Bath Salt Set gift KIKI-  THE LEUKOS

Candle + Bath Salt Set gift KIKI- THE LEUKOS

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Beautiful contemporary design with a secret meaning. In french the name KIKI means "Double Happiness" which to me describes the fresh, deep scent created by the candle and its soft warm glow created by the glass jar. KIKI Bath salt is created by mixing Rose petals, Himalayan + Epsom salts allows for deep relaxation for your muscles but also a gentle exfoliation for your skin. Epsom salt is recognised for its ability to help aid inflammatory conditions. Himalayan salts help soften and lightly exfoliate your skin. Read below the benefits of the 3 essential oil blend added to your salts.The KIKI Scent is created with a blend of Bergamot, Rose and Ylang Ylang vegan essential oils which compliment each other perfectly.

Bergamot is a fresh complex citrus scent.
Healing properties:
Bergamot essential oil is a natural mood booster used for its cortisol lowering properties which help
alleviate stress, depression, tension and anxiety.
Cheerfulness, Double Happiness, calm, clear thinking.

Rose is a deep floral honey- like scent.
Healing properties:
Rose petals carry anti-inflammatory properties as well as rose oil being used to help reduce scar tissue and skin regeneration. In spirituality the rose is a symbol of balance.
Positive thoughts, spiritual relaxation, aphrodisiac,
Slower breathing for meditation,Balance.

Fruity floral distinctively deep and sweet.
Healing Properties:
Ylang Ylang is a mood enhancer with stress reducing
Positive energy. healing. Liberating the mind of negative
emotions. sleep aid.

THE LEUKOS candles are hand poured by myself and made to order. Please let me know if you have any extra requirements such as added Rose petals to the candle.

Approx 40- 45 hours burn time dependent on maintenance.
280ml Soy Wax Candle
Cotton wick for even slower soot free burn.

|The First Burn|
The first burn is so important to ensure continued even burning for you candle.
Upon first lighting allow candle to burn for between 2- 3hours until entire top layer of wax is liquid.

|Candle Care|
When only 1" of wax remains, it's time to let your candle go.
GLASS JAR leave candle to cool fully around 3 hours before moving candle as glass will remain hot.
Trim wick to 1/4" each time before lighting.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Always place your candle on a flat fireproof surface.
Do not leave candle burning for longer than 4 hours.
Do not burn candle fully, your candle jar is fully recyclable.

|How to care for your salts|
Store your bath salts in a cool try place to preserve the scent for longer such as a bathroom cabinet.
Use a spoon or scoop to add your salts to your bath to stop moisture melting your salts.
When adding your salts to a hot bath allow to cool approx 5 minutes as salts contain oil.
Salts are in resealable bag.