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Lavender bath salts. 300g

Lavender bath salts. 300g

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Weight 300g

Fragrant hand made Epsom Bath salts with perfect for a calming evening. Mixing Lavender oil + Epsom salts + dried Lavender allows for deep relaxation for your muscles but also a gentle exfoliation for your skin. Epsom salt is recognised for its ability to help aid inflammatory conditions.Read below the benefits of the essential oil blend added to your salts.

Lavender is a traditional sleep aid with a beautiful fragrant scent which mellows your mood immediately allowing for total relaxation. Perfect for dark winter nights bath time! Locally sourced Lavender.

|How to care for your salts|
Store your bath salts in a cool try place to preserve the scent for longer such as a bathroom cabinet.
Use a spoon or scoop to add your salts to your bath to stop moisture melting your salts.
When adding your salts to a hot bath allow to cool approx 5 minutes as salts contain oil.
Salts are in resealable bag.